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Roof Rack Systems

We sell and install a variety of roof racks from many reputable companies including Rhino-Rack, Yakima, Thule, and Gobi Racks. Give us a call or stop by our shop we can tailor a roof rack and accessories to meet your outdoor needs

Roof Rack Systems: Welcome

Rhino Rack Systems

Roof Racks come in different shapes and sizes so it’s important to select a roof rack that suits your load carrying need needs. We Recommend the Vortex range for recreational applications like carrying a kayak, Skis, Roof Boxes and bikes.

If you’re a tradie and you’re looking to carry commercial type gear like ladders, conduits & timber you might want to opt towards the Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty range of roof racks. The Heavy Duty range is specifically designed for tradies and 4WD enthusiasts.

If you’re a 4WD nut we also recommend checking out the Heavy Duty range of roof racks. Due to their heavy load carrying capacity and massive range of compatible 4WD accessories including Trays, High lifting Jack holders, Shovel holders and Jerry Can holders just to name a few.

When selecting a roof rack you will want to take into consideration things like load carrying capacity (Load Rating) - this is how much the vehicle roof and roof rack is safely rated to. Also compare the bar length vs the width of the load you’re looking to carry.

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Rhino-Rack Backbone Systems

Replacement roof-rail systems for factory racks that greatly increase your roof hauling weight capacity. Available for many newer model trucks, Jeeps and SUVs

Rhino Rack Roof Trays

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray allows you to load everyday and adventure gear to your 4WD or pickup in the securest way possible. The Pioneer Tray is used for hardcore off-road exploration, family road-trips and everyday trips around town. Sporting aerodynamic design and sleek black finish the Pioneer Tray is not only functional, it is a tough and stylish addition to your vehicle.

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Rhino Rack XTray

This product has been designed to be stylish, tough and innovative. A full range of accessories are available for the sporty Xtray.

Roof Rack Systems: Products

Roof Top Products


Cargo Boxes

You can carry more gear when you're traveling with a Rhino Cargo Luggage Box.

Luggage Bags

Keep your extra bulky lightweight gear safe and sound with our range of Rhino Luggage Bags.


Wind Fairings

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Wind Fairing is designed to reduce the oncoming wind noise..

Roof Rack Systems: Products

Bike Carriers

RBC045-2-Bike-Hitch-Carrier-00 (1).jpg

Hitch Mount Bike Carriers

The Premium Hitch Mount Bike Carrier by Rhino-Rack is first-class in bike carriers for whether you're just transporting your bikes, having a family getaway or a quick trip to the park. It can carry up to two bikes and fits 2 inch hitch receivers and features a pull latch for easy fold down to access the rear liftgate. When done with the carrier also it also comes with collapsible arms making storing the bike carrier easy and efficient.


Road Warrior Bike Carrirer

Easy to use, sleek and designed specifically to fit C Channel crossbars. The Road Warrior Bike Carrier continues Rhino-Rack's tradition of engineering bike carriers that are renowned for their reliability.


Hybrid Bike Carrier

Carry your bike upright on your vehicle's roof with the lockable and sleek Hybrid Bike Carrier

Click below to connect to Rhino Rack's "Fit My Vehicle" link but then come back to us for our great prices and service.

Roof Rack Systems: Products

Water Products

View our large range of Rhino-Rack kayak and canoe carriers which are suitable for all type of paddlers.


Kayak Carriers

The Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier is designed to transport your kayak or canoe on the side to save space allowing for a second watercraft to be mounted on the other side of your roof racks dependent on the length of your crossbars.

580-Nautic-Kayak-Canoe-Side-Carrier-06 (

Nautic Kayak Carrirer

Experience the very latest in kayak carrying technology with the Nautic 570 Side Loading Kayak Carrier. Rhino-Rack's Nautic 570 is locally built by engineers with first-hand kayaking experience and features the next generation in design and technology.


Adjustable Canoe Holder (Heavy Duty Bar)

The Rhino-Rack Canoe Holder is designed so that you can secure your load in position so it doesn't slide in transit possibly damaging other items you have mounted to your roof racks. The RLH1 is designed to fit Rhino-Rack's Heavy Duty Bars.

Roof Rack Systems: Products


Ski & Snowboard Carriers


Ski and Snowboard Carriers  Capable of holding 2-6 skis and 2-4 Snow boards

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Roof Box

Rhino-Rack Roof Box saves you space in the car so you can take more family and friends with you.

Roof Rack Systems: Products
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